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Planning a Smoky Mountain Wedding

6 Tips from Industry Professionals

You’re planning a Smoky Mountain wedding; congratulations! Planning a destination wedding is hard work, but we can make it a little easier for you. We are wedding industry professionals and our expertise goes far beyond that of Smokey Mountain Sounds. We’ve been a part of hundreds of Smoky Mountain weddings. Allow us to share some insight we’ve picked up on.

Smoky Mountain weddings are gorgeous, and the area is located within a day’s drive for almost half of the United States. This makes it easy to have family come from all over to be there for your celebration. You can host anything from an intimate affair to a huge celebration. No matter how large or small, keep these tips in mind as you plan.

Tips for Planning a Smoky Mountain Wedding

Pick the Right Location

The Smoky Mountains are considered the wedding capital of the South. With the stunning views of the Smoky Mountain National Park, it’s hard to pick a better location. Once you’ve narrowed down that you want a Smoky Mountain wedding, it’s time to pick your specific venue.

The Smoky Mountains are beautiful all year round although the weather can be temperamental. Consider the season as you choose between an indoor and outdoor wedding. Always have a backup plan.

Outdoor weddings in the Smoky Mountains are gorgeous, although they’re not that practical for guests with limited mobility. Uneven terrain and unpredictable weather can impair some guests’ ability to access certain areas. Learn more about having a wedding inside the National Park here. Also, make sure you’re informed about the Park’s new parking policy.

Indoor weddings are easier to plan. Many venues offer indoor options with decks or event lawns. Selecting a vendor like this can give you flexibility and the comfort of having a weather plan.

Getting married inside doesn’t mean you have to forgo having your wedding photographs taken outside! Our area photographers can shoot your wedding photos after the ceremony at a great outdoor location. Just ask your photographer for recommendations on where to hold your shoot. There are so many wedding venue options in the Smoky Mountains. We recommend narrowing the list down and then interviewing your favorite ones.

Ask Open Ended Questions

You can find a lot of information online, and that gives you endless possibilities. However, the only way to truly know if a wedding venue or vendor is right for you is to speak with them, read reviews, and even visit the property. To get a true picture of what partnering with the company will look like, get human interaction.

Narrow down a few of your top wedding venue and vendor choices and call them up, especially if you can’t meet them in person. Choose the right vendors by interviewing them, and get to know their personalities. For venues, make sure to ask about their policies. If a property boasts that they are all-inclusive, for example, find out what “all-inclusive” means to them. Asking an open-ended question like that allows them the opportunity to fill you in on all the details, instead of answering with a “yes” or “no”.

Always ask what the contingency plan is for inclement weather. Having this information could make or break your Smoky Mountain wedding!

Be Real about the Cost of a Smoky Mountain Wedding

Getting married in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, or the Smoky Mountain area can be affordable or expensive. With such a vast range of offerings, the ball is in your court. As you set your wedding budget, know that your wedding will be perfect as long as you have properly planned.

With that being said, cost is one of the most important factors in planning a wedding. As you’re asking open ended questions, be direct and ask a properly for some ways you can save money. You’ll be surprised at how flexible some businesses can be! You may have to be flexible as well, but this could mean big savings.

Hire a PROFESSIONAL Photographer

You want every awesome moment of your wedding preserved for future generations to enjoy. Hiring a loved one to photograph your wedding will save money, but we recommend selecting a local photographer who specializes in Smoky Mountain weddings.

Our local photographers know the area and have experience shooting indoors and outdoors. Thousands of weddings take place here every year; these professionals are a valuable resource that cannot be matched. You can start your journey of selecting a local photographer by researching the Smoky Mountain Wedding Association. Make sure you check referrals and reviews during the process.

Indulge in the Adventure

Millions of visitors flock to Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, and the Smoky Mountain area every year. They come for the mountains, shopping, and all of the fun that our local attractions provide. Your guests will be traveling here for your wedding, although they can easily turn the trip into a fun vacation. Couples planning a Smoky Mountain wedding have the unique opportunity of treating your guests to adventure!

Many local attractions offer group discounts. Why not treat your guests to a fun day together? For a budget friendly option, plan a group hike and include a picnic.

Adventure seekers have been coming to the Smoky Mountains for generations. Indulge your guests with a memorable adventure! Choose from over 800 trails to hike, go white water rafting or visit a day at one of our wonderful local attractions to have an adventure while you and your guests are here for your Smoky Mountain wedding!

Hire a Wedding Planner

Choosing the Smoky Mountains for your special day is a big deal! Once you’ve made that choice, consider hiring a wedding planner. Our local planners are experienced professionals who know and love the Smoky Mountain area. They have specific intel that can save you money, get more for your budget, and ensure that your day goes smoothly.

Many local wedding planners are active members of the Smoky Mountain Wedding Association. Association members communicate with each other and work together to give couples the best Smoky Mountain wedding! View those wedding planners here.

Planning a Smoky Mountain wedding?

We are members of the Smoky Mountain Wedding Association, which is a trusted resource for anyone planning a Smoky Mountain wedding. These 6 wedding planning tips will help you as you plan for the biggest and most beautiful day of your life, and we are always glad to give advice to destination brides. Read more tips here! For your entertainment needs, contact us for an interview and view our wedding packages here. We would love the chance to serve you during your Smoky Mountain wedding!

Written by Ellen Crivellone of Smokey Mountain Sounds. Photo by New Beginnings Photography. To book your entertainment, call Smokey Mountain Sounds at 1-865-712-1854

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