lighting effects
will enhance your wedding or event.

Up-lighting can pull a color scheme into the decorations of the overall room. The lighting can be used to surround the room in color or focus attention to specific areas such as the cake table, the head table or even the dance floor.

Custom colors and placement of the lights along with the room configuration can give you endless choices for enhancing the venue for your event.

The Custom GOBO or Monogram Lighting helps you personalize your wedding or event by lighting a wall, floor, or even the ceiling of your venue. Countless ideas for placement or design options, such as logos, letters, or designs; help this lighting effect bring a “wow” factor to your guests. If you like you can even have the GOBO after the event for a keepsake of your event.

Accent Lighting can be used to highlight areas, walls or objects such as the cake at a wedding, and the lighting makes whatever is lit, the focal point of the event.

Dance Floor Lighting can pulsate to the beat of the music; change colors and enhance the celebration ambiance.

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