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Choosing a theme is one of the most important decisions to make when planning your wedding. It’s the most effective way to customize your wedding and to show off your personal style. Color(s) were once the big choice, however now selecting the theme is equally important.

With the rise of Pinterest, other social media platforms, and internet shopping, brides are inundated with endless ideas and products. This means that you have more options than ever and a limitless creative license to plan your custom dream wedding. Weddings in the Smoky Mountains accommodate a wide range of themes and styles.

If you’re in the beginning phase of planning a Smoky Mountain wedding, we recommend nailing down your theme before you reach out to vendors. This is especially true when searching for a venue. Choosing a theme and selecting your venue are the starting point for customizing your wedding. After that, conveying your theme to your planner and coordinator is your next step. If you aren’t utilizing a planner or coordinator, share your theme with anyone helping you plan your wedding. That way, you’re all on the same page. Your wedding will be much easier to plan if you have a clear vision for your theme. Here are some popular wedding themes in the Smoky Mountains:

Smoky Mountain Wedding Themes

Traditional Elegance

A traditional-elegant theme is for the classic bride. The traits for this style are timeless, graceful, and romantic. These classic weddings are generally more reliant on colors for the theme of the event. For the bride, a beautiful white gown is perfect while the groom wears a tuxedo. At the ceremony and reception, the decor for a traditional-elegant wedding includes abundant floral arrangements of roses, calla lilies, or other classic flowers to match your color(s). Other decor accents include candles of all sizes clustered on luxurious linens, and a large tiered cake. From traditional attire to traditional wedding songs, this theme is tried and true.

This theme works at any wedding venue. From getting married outdoors in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to an indoor wedding at a Smoky Mountain wedding chapel, a traditional-elegant theme is a popular choice and easy to execute.

Modern Sophisticated

A modern-sophisticated theme is sleek and polished, dynamic and trendy. The bride generally wears a sheath dress and the groom is in either a tailored suit or unique tuxedo. Lines will be clean and simple. Colors and textures include mixed metallics, mirrored accents, and marble-like surfaces to create a dramatic high-end feel. Also, uplighting and other lighting effects elevate the vibe of the wedding and reception. Learn more about our lighting services here.

Flowers will be bold but minimal in color, such as white roses, ranunculus, and magnolia blooms. For dessert, a classic tiered cake decorated with smooth frosting and a satin ribbon is a great choice.

Like a traditional-elegant theme, a modern-sophisticated wedding can be achieved at a variety of venues in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, and the Smoky Mountains. Research Dollywood’s Dreammore Resort and Hearthside’s Chapel at the Preserve to complement your modern-sophisticated theme.

Country Chic

Country-chic weddings have fast gained momentum making them one of the all time most popular wedding themesĀ among both bride and grooms, especially in the Smoky Mountains. A country-chic theme is made up of earth tones, unfinished woods, and other natural textures. Burlap, twine, cowboy boots, plaid, linen, mason jars, handmade wooden signs and chalkboards are attributes of a country-chic wedding. Planning a wedding in this theme is beneficial for the DIY bride because many of these accents are easily attainable or already owned. Hobby Lobby is a fabulous resource for these items.

With this theme, the bride can wear a traditional white dress, although any attire works because this theme is fun and customizable. Look for dresses in off-whites or other colors, or pair a tulle skirt with a denim top. Add cowgirl boots and you have your own look! For the groom, he can wear a suit in a variety of colors. Jeans and a button down shirt work too. The attire for a country-chic wedding can be casual as long as it is thoughtful and coordinated.

Country-chic flowers include wildflowers, un-manicured roses, baby’s breath, and greenery like eucalyptus. Nearly any flowers or greenery will work as long as they’re arranged in a seemingly rustic manner. Centerpieces are usually varied between tables.

Cakes can be anything from a tiered cake to cupcakes, or even an unexpected choice like donuts. A country-chic wedding is a great theme to choose if you want to abandon all themes and go with a do-it-yourself approach. With this theme, anything goes.

Nearly all of the venues in the Smoky Mountains can accommodate a country-chic style. Look for outdoor weddings and barn weddings. Also, cabin weddings are growing in popularity.

Vintage Glamour

A vintage-glamour theme is one that uses items and decor that depicts a certain period in time, usually Victorian, or other vintage and antique items. Traditionally a bride wears an antique inspired gown with elaborate beading and details, an enchanting veil, antique-inspired jewelry, dramatic makeup, and sleek curled hair. The groom wears a classic tuxedo.

Accents of lace, vintage china, candlesticks, and ornate pieces make up the decor. Here’s a chance to go bold with deep jewel tones and fun textures like velvet, satin, silk, and lace. This theme is easy to pull off if you love vintage and antique pieces. Perhaps you own some pieces to build your decor around? A wow factor for a vintage glamour wedding is an antique getaway car.

Flowers are traditionally roses along with well manicured accents. Exotic or unexpected flower choices like orchids, dahlias, and anemones add drama to this theme. A vintage-glamour wedding can be held anywhere, but indoor venues are more suited for this theme. Look at these Smoky Mountain wedding chapels and other venue options.

Customizing your Smoky Mountain Wedding Theme

Your perfect wedding theme will most likely be a combination of the above themes. After all, it’s your day! Don’t feel obligated to stick to a theme; incorporate elements from any or all themes to build your perfect wedding theme. Have fun with your color choices and accents; your wedding day is an opportunity to show off your own unique style.

Here are some more tips for planning a Smoky Mountain wedding. Your theme is all about you and your style. No two brides are alike and therefore no two weddings are alike. Have fun and mix it up!

A common denominator for any wedding theme is entertainment. Your guests have traveled for your Smoky Mountain wedding. Treat them to a fantastic reception with catering and fun wedding entertainment. Here at Smokey Mountain Sounds, we provide professional DJ services that complement any theme. We will consider your theme and make song suggestions as we build your playlist together. Learn more about us here and contact us to start planning your epic wedding reception. Need a wedding officiant in the Smoky Mountains? We can help with that too!

Written by Ellen Crivellone of Smokey Mountain Sounds. To book your entertainment, call Smokey Mountain Sounds at 1-865-712-1854

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