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This one is for the guys since usually, they are the ones on bended knee doing the asking. Or sometimes the proposal it’s blurted out spontaneously while on a water slide!  However it happens, hopefully, it will lead to solidifying a union between two people, based on love.

Propose If you know someone well enough and decide that you want to spend all of your tomorrows with them. You will probably have a pretty good idea whether your loved one will say “yes” or “no”. Opt out of screaming the big question atop a roller coaster or on the spur of the moment. Prepare something with a little more thought. The ‘official proposal’  is an important event and it’s all about making special memories that will be cherished forever.

Perhaps you have already given it some thought. Maybe you have even talked to your bride’s father, a nice traditional touch. Tradition is often appreciated when embarking on a life together. Perhaps you and your future partner are adventuresome, independent thinkers, and tradition would be wasted. The proposal as well as the wedding should reflect the personalities and interests of the couple.

In your proposal, romance needs to be evident; however, you express it. If you want an element of surprise or something unique, it will take some creativity and planning. Las Vegas-based illusionist Rob Anderson owns a company that specializes in custom marriage proposals called ‘This Magic Moment.’ (See Anderson says “…your marriage proposal is a once-in-a-lifetime memory to make. Worth the extra time, effort, and expense, and it’s best to plan as far in advance as possible.”

Presentation is important

If you whip out a ring box on a boat, you don’t want to present it with a flourish that will send it overboard! A billboard won’t do any good if it’s in a place she won’t see it.  Plan your proposal carefully. If it involves a restaurant, show, or other public places, be sure to enlist their permission and help.  Most of the time, others are happy to be involved in such a joyous occasion.

Location is important. Will the scene play out in private or in front of a crowd where she’ll be too embarrassed to say ‘no’? Do you share a special place or a special memory of a place that has significance to you both?  Or is there somewhere the two of you have always wanted to go and never been? Is music available? One creative young man wrote a song in which the final spoken line was “Will you marry me”?Another hired local musicians to serenade them while at a restaurant.  Still another hired someone to deliver a ‘singing telegram.’  One proposal happened in the quiet of the forest, with only the birds singing on a bright summer day.

Some have planted engagement rings in food or drinks but that can be dangerous. She can’t say yes if she’s choking on a diamond. Creative marriage proposals take some thought but this is the beginning of your journey together. What is most important is the sincerity and thought behind the proposal; it shows that you truly care. And you want it to be something she’ll be telling her friends about for years to come.

Here are a few proposals that have happened in the Smoky Mountains

“This theater had big screens that showed members of the audience and captions, like a ‘kiss cam.’  “I arranged with the theater to ask if she would marry me up on those screens. Then zoom in on us.  She was so excited, she spilled her purse, knocked over her drink, and forgot to say ‘yes’. But it all worked out and we laugh about it yet.”  – Bob R.

“My boyfriend surprised me with a souvenir I wanted once we got home. But the real surprise was that there was an engagement ring inside of it!” – Maddy C.

‘My fiancé had a tee-shirt made that says “Kim, will you marry me”? When he took off his coat, he stuck out his chest and said “I’m serious….” I’ll keep that shirt forever.  – Kim T.

“I got a magician to pull her ring out of a box at the end of a magic trick!” –Ron B.

“I hid an engagement ring in our motel room. When she found it, she thought someone else had left it by mistake. She was going to take it down to the front desk!”  – David A.

Please send your marriage proposal stories to with ‘marriage proposals’ in the subject line. We’ll publish more of them at a later date.

Written by guest blogger-C.J. Morgan. Photo by Eric Gebhart of New Beginnings Photography

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