Wedding Budget

Here are ten suggestions to help you plan and set your wedding budget for your Smoky Mountain wedding.

First and foremost

Your entire wedding budget needs to be practical. So that you both receive what you want for the wedding and celebration, involve your fiancé in the planning process. Use this free wedding priority checklist so you both know what is important to each other. Make sure to consider the most important items when making your budget.

Don’t try to do it all

A wedding and reception require so many different things. You don’t want to overlook something that could significantly affect how your day goes. A wedding planner can assist you in staying on your budget and reduce planning stress. You can have the wedding of your dreams with the assistance of a professional wedding planner.

Compare Vendors

If you still choose to handle everything yourself, be sure to shop around for vendors. Don’t just pick the first option you see. Do your research, find out what other vendors and brides have to say about them. Read the small print on all contracts before committing. Never sign before you have read. If you feel forced to sign right away, turn away and continue looking. Make sure they are the ideal venue or vendor to represent you on one of the most significant days of your life.

Don’t get distracted with your wedding budget

Pinterest and bridal magazines have so many great ideas. However, it is also very easy to get sidetracked into doing so many things that your budget will quickly become very tight. When thinking about a Pinterest project, examine the location you have selected. Consider your spending limit, and if the project will even work there.

Know the age range of your guests

Consider the age range of the attendees at your reception. Consider games and activities if there will be a large number of children. Getting involved in events will make them feel entertained or included. Take into account your schedule of events if you are hosting senior people. Have a cake cutting and toasts following dinner, then by the specialty dances. Amid open dancing, they won’t want to wait for the cake-cutting.


We are aware that every mother has particular expectations for her daughter’s wedding. Please keep in mind that especially if mom is paying for the wedding, this is your big day. Yes, we want mom to approve of your decisions. However, going along with her every whim could ruin your finances, impair your vision, and add unnecessary stress. Before include your mother in the planning, speak with your fiancé first. Your mother ought to be content as a result.

How many guests can your wedding budget afford?

Establish the maximum number of guests you can actually afford. Why not consider a destination wedding if you feel obligated to invite everyone you know? In doing this, only those who genuinely want to support you will come to your wedding. If staying home is your preference, make the most financial sacrifices you can to accommodate.


Don’t overfeed your guests. Begin by discussing with your caterer your preferences, budget, and ideas for your guests. If they inform you that your budget might not be realistic, don’t take it personally. Allow them to offer you advice on how to stick to your budget. Remember that you want your guests to be dancing, not slouching in a food coma and getting ready to go home for the evening.

Be creative

Why not use potted plants or the bouquets of the bridal party as centerpieces? This is a fantastic approach to reduce your flower expenses. Instead of a guest book, ask your guests to sign your engagement photo on a matte board. If you love to travel, have them sign a globe. Surprise your guests with a choreographed first dance, they will talk about it for years to come.

Remember, these are just suggestions, and we are here to help.

Written by Ellen Crivellone of Smokey Mountain Sounds and the Smoky Mountain Wedding Association– We would love to DJ for your celebration! 1-865-712-1854

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