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Wedding Themes

by smokymtnsounds

When describing the style you envision for your wedding, do you know how to describe it? When going to a wedding planner it is helpful to know what type of theme you are picturing. Here are a few styles with descriptions to help you portray your vision: Traditional Elegance A traditional elegant wedding is for the classic […]

Destination Wedding Planning Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

by smokymtnsounds

Destination Wedding Planning Doesn’t Have to be Stressful You’re planning a destination wedding, chances are that is something you have never done before. Not knowing what you are doing and where to get ideas can be very stressful. You have expectations from family and friends, you need to be able to come up with a […]

First Dance Songs For Your Wedding

by smokymtnsounds

Songs to Consider for Your First Dance as Husband and Wife As DJs we get requests of all types of songs for the first dance; the ones listed below were the most popular from 2017. If you are having trouble choosing a song for you to dance to. Think about the song that best represents […]

The Proposal

by smokymtnsounds

This one is for the guys since usually they are the one on bended knee doing the asking. Or sometimes it’s blurted out spontaneously while on a water slide!  However it happens, hopefully it will lead to solidifying a union between two people, based on love.

The Smoky Mountains from the Sky

by smokymtnsounds

What an amazing experience! Ron and I had an opportunity to fly above the Smoky Mountains with Marc Hightower of Sky High Air Tours. Marc has offered to take us up on his tour for more than a year. He is one of the members of the Smoky Mountain Wedding Association that we also belong […]

Great Places in the Smoky Mountains to Propose

by smokymtnsounds

With the National Park Service celebrating 100 years and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park celebrating 82 years… why not talk about this great place to propose and explore the great outdoors.Two-thirds of the American population live within a day’s drive and there is not an entrance fee to the Smoky Mountians. With natural beauty and four seasons, approximately […]

Are You Ready for a Great Time at Your Smoky Mountain Wedding?

by smokymtnsounds

It is wedding time in the Smokies…Are you scheduled to be walking down the aisle soon? If so, I hope you have already booked one of the most important items of your day… Entertainment.I have two of my most important blog posts attached: Things to Think About When Hiring a DJ; and Things You Need to […]

Tips for Couples Getting Married in the Smoky Mountains

by smokymtnsounds

Did you know that most newlyweds have the “post wedding blues”? According to many sources, after all the planning and excitement that happens for the wedding and the honeymoon; some couples want the “fairy tale” to continue. The couple is passionately in love and in wedded bliss. Then there is down-time. All the festivities and […]

Tips for Planning your Smoky Mountain Wedding- Guest Blog

by smokymtnsounds

It’s no wonder The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is such a popular destination for weddings. There’s no other place on Earth like these majestic mountains. Here are a few tips for planning your wedding in the Smokies. Plan Early – There are pre-approved locations in the National Park where you can hold your wedding […]