Corona-virus Impact on Wedding Decisions in The Smoky Mountains

We are active members of the Smoky Mountain Wedding Association. We are also on different social media groups online. One theme stands out regarding weddings. Yes, it is the Corona-virus pandemic. There are a lot of opinions and disputes about how wedding vendors are handling this crisis.  It seems like there are two main thoughts or groups.  Wedding vendors we know want to get back to work as “normal” as soon as possible. One group of vendors is afraid of the virus and do not want to risk themselves or their employees. The other group of vendors is not fearful and want to go back to “normal”.  As an asthmatic, I do not believe either group is right or wrong. This division confuses couples coming to our area to get married. They must decide if they want to keep their wedding plans for this year or to postpone into 2021.

The wedding vendors’ personal feelings about the virus impact the choices that they are making. Those vendors who want to work as “normal” are applying rescheduling fees. These fees are to discourage clients from postponing their wedding. The other group may not charge any fees for rescheduling because of the virus. This split can lead to confusion and/or frustration for the couples.  Both sides have legitimate points.

Are you thinking about postponing your wedding into 2021? You may find that each wedding vendor you have hired may have different policies. Some vendors have a team of employees that they work with which creates flexibility.  Some vendors can only work one event per day, so they are not as flexible.

Some vendors’ wedding business is their primary source income. Because of this, there may be stricter guidelines. Other vendors wedding income is a bonus. Every vendor is unique. They are making business decisions based on their situation. Please, do not compare vendors on what they are doing. They are all doing their best to be fair to you. They are also trying to stay in business.

You are not facing this pandemic alone. Your wedding professionals are facing it too. We all have empathy about what you are going through.   Your vendors are doing everything they can to stay in business. They want to be able to be there in the future. Please, do not judge people for making decisions that are different than yours. No one likes making difficult decisions that affect couples or other vendors in negative ways.

Your vendors may have to keep the non-refundable deposit. They did save your date and turn away other couples for the same date. The couples that were turned away may have kept their wedding on the day you booked. You may have decided to cancel or reschedule. Please, be kind about that decision. The Smoky Mountains have been open and are still open for weddings and events. Yes, there are guidelines, but we are still here for you. If you choose to cancel or reschedule, that is your choice and we respect that.

To our clients and future clients, thank you! Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this pandemic. We truly appreciate you!

Written by Ellen Crivellone of Smokey Mountain Sounds and the Smoky Mountain Wedding Associaiton– Photo by ST Photography. We would love to DJ for your celebration, call now for availability! 1-865-712-1854

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