Why Not a Weekday Wedding?

Weekday Wedding?

Have you considered getting married on a weekday (Sunday through Thursday) for your Gatlinburg wedding?  For so many couples a weekday wedding isn’t considered. There are some great savings to getting married on a weekday! Here are a few reasons why you may get better deals from your venue and vendors:

Most wedding vendors love the opportunity to work during the week as well as on the weekend. Vendors in general, are often able to focus solely on that one weekday wedding rather than multitasking for multiple Friday and Saturday bookings.

Weekday Wedding Savings

  • A weekday wedding is a great way to save money! Almost all venues have lower rental or booking rates throughout the week. Other vendors such as photographers, videographers, and hair or makeup artists may be willing to offer a discount as well. Weekdays are thought of as off-peak booking dates year round. Choosing a wedding date that falls during the week is an easy way to keep on budget!
  • Your florist, baker for the cake, or caterer may not be able to offer a discount due to the cost of supplies are consistent no matter the day of week. Out of town guests may need to take additional days off of work to attend your wedding, some of which may not be able to do that, which means less guests at your wedding. That will offer savings for these vendors. Just remember the people who are most important to you will attend no matter what!

Planning Tips

  • Because you may be planning on a destination wedding to the Smoky Mountains, you also may want to consider other factors.  There are peak traffic times on the Parkway and on Dolly Parton Parkway. Consider your location as well as time of wedding and traffic patterns when planning.

Here are some ways to make it easier for your guests to plan on coming to your wedding no matter the day:

  • Give guests plenty of notice. Send a “Save the Date” card out as soon as possible, or at minimum an email or text to let them know about the weekday wedding. In doing this they will have as much time as possible to book time off work or make travel arrangements.
  • Because your guests may be taking time off work and/or traveling to be at your wedding, be sure to make the trip worthwhile for them. Encourage them to stay the weekend before/after the wedding and give them fun things to do with you and your fiancé/spouse. Schedule a Friday hike in the Smoky Mountains with a picnic lunch or a Saturday show with discount group tickets. You can even play mini-golf, go to Dollywood or anything else–there is so much to do in the Smoky Mountain area.  Let them know that rather then coming to the Smoky Mountains for a big trip just for a ceremony and reception, that you will be joining them for a fun-filled vacation as well. Some of our hotels/cabins also offer group discounts, so you may be saving them money by having them join you rather than if they came out for a vacation on their own.

More Savings Ideas

  • Plan for an evening ceremony for those that are local since they are able to come after they get off work. By having an evening ceremony, you may be able to save money by providing appetizers and treats without providing a full meal if you choose a ceremony after 7 PM.
  • If you choose to plan your wedding quickly after getting engaged, weekday weddings are not booked out months or years in advance like Friday and Saturdays usually are. There is a great chance that you can still get the wedding of your dreams with short notice by choosing the weekday wedding.
  • If you are choosing to fly to the Smoky Mountains for your wedding, flights are usually cheaper on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Saving there means you have more of a budget for other things you may need or want. By sharing this information with your guests, they will truly appreciate your helping them with their budget as well.

Gatlinburg weekday weddings are not common, but they are definitely budget friendly. By getting married on a weekday, your budget will help you create your unique and fun wedding the way you want it. Whatever you choose, this is your wedding and your vision.

Written by Ellen Crivellone of Smokey Mountain Sounds- We would love to DJ for your celebration! 1-865-712-1854

Photo by Imagine This Photography

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