6 Tips for Planning an Amazing Smoky Mountain Wedding

Smoky Mountain weddings are gorgeous, especially being nestled in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The Smokies are  located with in a day’s drive for almost half of the United States making it easy to have family come from all over to be there for your celebration. With the Smoky Mountain Wedding Association, you can host anything from an intimate affair to a huge celebration. The Smoky Mountains has venues that can accommodate any size ceremony and reception.

You are in the planning stages and you need tips for planning your Smoky Mountain wedding. In order to make your day as special as you are, here are some tips that we have learned in from our experiences in the wedding industry.

Ask Open Ended Questions

You can get a lot of information online that can give you endless possibilities. The only way to truly know if a wedding venue or vendor is right for you is to speak with them and get real opionions from other professionals and/or brides that have worked with them. In getting a true picture of what you are looking for your special day, get human interaction. Narrow down a few of your top wedding venue and vendor choices and call them up, especially if you can’t meet them in person. Choose the right vendors by interviewing them, get to know their personalities. For the Venues, make sure to find out what all-inclusive means if they have that option and what the contingency plan is for inclement weather.

The Cost of a Smoky Mountain Wedding

Depending on where you live, your Smokey Mountain Wedding could be saving you money, just by having a wedding here. This blog can give you an average on how much a wedding for 100 guests can average in the Smoky Mountain region.


The Smoky Mountains are considered the wedding capital of the south, it’s obviously chosen for weddings because of it’s stunning beauty in the views of the Smoky Mountain National Park. They are also one of the most accessible wedding locations in the country because of the proximity to half of the country!

The Smoky Mountains are beautiful all year round. The weather is sometimes temperamental yet temporary. From the fall foliage to the spring wildflowers, the landscapes are always breathtaking and a perfect backdrop for your wedding.

Hire a PROFESSIONAL Photographer

You want every awesome moment of your wedding saved.  Hire a photographer who is accustomed to the mountains and how to have them add the wow factor to your wedding pictures that will be treasured for generations. Uncle Bob may be saving you some money, however he does not know the Smoky Mountains like one of the photographers that live and work in the Smokies. You can start your journey with the Smoky Mountain Wedding Association. Make sure you check referrals from brides and vendors alike.

Indulge in the Adventure

Adventure seekers have been coming to the Smoky Mountains for generations. So if you decide to have a Smoky Mountain wedding, be sure to have an adventure. Choose from over 800 trails to hike, go white water rafting, or any of the local attractions to have a wonderful adventure while you and your guests are here for your wedding!

Choose the Right Venue

You want to have a venue that speaks to your heart. There are so many options in the Smoky Mountains from Country to Chic and most have amazing mountain backdrops. There is so much amazing beauty in the area, that you will want to bring elements of that beauty into your special day. Hiring a wedding planner can help your dream come true.

If you have any questions, we would love to assist you in your vision.

Written by Ellen Crivellone of Smokey Mountain Sounds. Photo by New Beginnings Photography. To book your entertainment, call Smokey Mountain Sounds at 1-865-712-1854

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