The Smoky Mountains from the Sky

What an amazing experience! Ron and I had an opportunity to fly above the Smoky Mountains with Marc Hightower of Sky High Air Tours.

Marc has offered to take us up on his tour for more than a year. He is one of the members of the Smoky Mountain Wedding Association that we also belong to. Every time he saw us, he would remind us of his offer. We didn’t want to be rude and just say no.

The first thing you should know is that Ron and I are both afraid of heights. So to say the least, we had to convince ourselves that we would be fine, especially since the pilot is still alive and has done hundreds of tours around the smokies. We were seated and Ron had his arm around me, very romantic. We were clutching the plane initially. I closed my eyes when Marc started the engine and headed to the runway. This is a tradition I do every time I fly, hold on the the plane and shut my eyes and concentrate on breathing. I opened my eyes breifly on the runway, then we were up. It was so easy and painless that I was able to keep my eyes open. The fresh air and the breeze (from behind the shield) was wonderful. The take-off was so much better than a commercial aircraft. I wasn’t feeling closterphobic, nor was the air stale with heavy scents of different parfumes or colognes.

We were up in the clouds looking over Sevier County and seeing the Smokies from a whole different view. The beauty is so amazing in our area. We were able to see everything below so clearly. Buildings, attractions, and vehicles all looked like models from our height. There are trees and green all over our county. The views are truly unbeliveable.

Ron and I recommend Sky High Air Tours. It is truly an experience of a lifetime!

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