Wedding Planning Checklist for Smoky Mountain Weddings

You have your bride magazines a folder crammed full of ideas as well as helpful advice from everyone you know. Make sure you have a wedding planning checklist to help you keep an overview of everything you need on one simple sheet.

Here is a simplified outline that can help you be even more organized: Wedding Planning Checklist

Here is an old post that can help you with the planning itself:  http://smokeymountainsounds.com/2014/05/07/weddings-dont-happen-overnight/

Smokey-Mountain-Sounds-wedding-DJ-gatlinburg-wedding- 420 (751)Delegate responsibilities early on! Remind whomever you ask that they can say no. You don’t want someone to say they will do something and then complain about it later on. Everyone can help you write out invitations, wrap favors and gifts, etc. Some of them can help you by making phone calls for appointments with caterers, venues, DJs, florists, bakers, wedding planners, etc.

Make sure you prepare your guests early on in the process, especially if you are doing a destination wedding in an area like ours. You can have your “helpers” call around to see about group rates at different hotels, find out the minimum amount of rooms that can be booked to keep the discounted rate, etc. Make sure you get quotes from at least 3 hotels, don’t just accept the answer from the first one, especially if you are looking for a Gatlinburg wedding.

You will also need to have a day of your wedding planning checklist. Here is one that can help: Wedding Day Checklist

Smokey-Mountain-Sounds-wedding-DJ-gatlinburg-wedding-Imagine-This-Photography (4)During the organization time; make sure you keep dating your fiance’. Keep your romance alive with your fiance’! Make sure you spend time with each other in the midst of all of the planning for the wedding. You don’t want to neglect each other.

The wedding itself is your day. You will have fun and cherish it forever. If you need any assistance, Smokey Mountain Sounds would love to help.

Written by Ellen Crivellone, photos by Imagine This Photography

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