Sable’ Equestrian Theater

The Sable’ Equestrian Theater‘s “Imagination on Sand” is a fabulous and unique show. This show combines the talents of European horsemanship and artistry beyond belief! The show is based on a story of a young girl and her dreams. There is a talented sand artist that does “drawings” of different scenes in the sand after which the scene is acted out with amazing artistry of horses and their talented trainers, riders, and dancers.

Sable’ is Horse training at its best. There are not any lead lines or harnesses. The trainer, Sylvia Zerbini is a 9th generation horse trainer. She only speaks to the horses and they do as she asks. Nine beautiful horses doing tricks together in a small ring is so breathtaking and elegant.

Sable’ is trick riding at its best. Every trick is done in a circle ring at a fast gallop. Tricks you would normally see done in a straight away are already dangerous when done in a tight circle, the danger multiplies. The horses and their riders are obviously very close, the trust each other and move together so well!

There is a fun comedy act that has a very intelligent horse and rider that is beyond explanation. You have to see it to understand.

Coming soon Sable’ will be offering a special to those who may want to marry and/or have a small reception at this beautiful theater. A couple can have a grand entrance in the ring inside a beautiful carriage pulled by one of the horses from the show. Even if a couple chooses not to have the grand entrance in the carriage they can still be recognized in the arena to have joy shared with all in attendance.

Smokey-Mountain-Sounds-wedding-DJ-gatlinburg-wedding- Imagine This Photography- 9

This international cast is amazing. Some of the horses are trained in Russian and some are trained in French. No matter what language they speak beauty and amazement is what is translated for this show. I highly recommend you come and see this breathtaking show.

Written by Smokey Mountain Sounds – Ellen Crivellone; pictures by Imagine This Photography

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