Smoky Mountain Bridal Shows

There is so much information a bride can get at a bridal show. Whether it be a small show or a big show.

We have had a booth at several different bridal shows and see how sometimes bridal shows can be overwhelming, especially if they are big.

Honestly, we have found that the smaller shows usually are quite intimate. We have a chance to literally speak with every bride about what she is looking for on her wedding day. We love to listen to them and what they envision. Honestly, we really want to help every bride, whether they hire us for entertainment or not.

Most of the vendors at bridal shows have knowledge and history in the wedding industry and therefore are experts that brides can tap into. For example, if a bride is looking for a specific type of venue, a DJ, caterer, or photographer have been to several. So if a bride talked with those vendors, they can give her guidance as to what venues fit her vision.

If you have a vision, talk with vendors that have worked with what you are looking for. Ask the photographer about a florist, a caterer about a venue, etc. Not only will you get a reference as to what you are needing, you will also see the type of character in the person you are asking. Do they genuinely want to help you or are they irritated? This is a great way to see if they would be someone you would want working for you.

Last week we were a part of the Belk Bridal Engagement Event at West Town Mall. The ladies who hosted the event really wanted this event to be special for the couples who came in to the event. Food, drinks, and prizes were there for everyone. They were wonderful hostesses and guided the brides to each vendor that they thought would be a good fit for them.

All bridal shows are great for information. If you go to the larger shows, think about a game plan. Yes, you want to try the foods that the caterers bring and the cakes that the bakers bring. Ask questions of every vendor you want to talk with, find out if they will work with your personality for your day. Remember your wedding is about you, if you meet a vendor that rubs you wrong, you don’t want them at your wedding.

written by Smokey Mountain Sounds- Ellen Crivellone




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