Hair Styles For Your Smoky Mountain Wedding

What type of hair style would work for your wedding? One of the questions Monte’ Durham asked of the brides was “How many planned of you plan to wear your hair down for your wedding”? From the response he told us about his trip to Kate Middleton’s wedding for TLC.

“…With TLC, I was switching it up so I attended the royal wedding so I was one of the ground coverage for the wedding. I was there at the Abbey; I spent the night outside the hotel in the rain trying to get her to say hi to me. The little bobby’s kept pushing me back. I was trying to be a good ol’ southern boy didn’t know no better (southern accent) You mean I can’t get up in there? I just wan’ to say hi ta her come all this way out th’ pond. It didn’t work. But I tried. So I was there when she stepped out of the car, and everyone was like oh, beautiful. Then Pippa stepped out and everyone was like Whoa. She stole the show. We had a replica of Kate Middleton’s dress in the store, didn’t sell it once no one wanted it. Everyone wanted a replica of Pippa’s. Everyone wanted that scoop cowl neck three plaid silk cut on the bias. There was a 75% increase in butt lifts in the UK after Pippa stepped out.”

He mentioned that when Kate Middleton stepped out on the balcony after getting married that her hair was frizzy and the curls were coming out. She still looked beautiful. “I was thinking, honey you have all those people up there, why not have them touch you up? There was a day when everyone wore their hair up.”

When considering your hair style, why not wear your hair up, a low messy bun, or other updo so you don’t have to worry about what the weather is doing to your hair. Think about the time of year you are getting married; humidity and colder air can cause your hair to frizz.

Vintage Hair Styles

Here are some hairdos from http://hairstylesrocks.org/vintage-wedding-hairstyles.html

I hope these ideas help with hair style ideas for your wedding look.

Written by Smokey Mountain Sounds- Ellen Crivellone

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