Wedding Trends from Monte’ Durham 2015

We were privileged to work with Monte’ Durham at the Bridal Spectacular in the first weekend of January. He gave us some insights into how he began working with TLC and the wedding trends for 2015.

He talked about his experience and how he began to work with Lori and TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress, Atlanta”. “I was in New York in a showroom; Lori Allen came in and said “who are you?”… I’m Monte Durham, the image director for the company; she said “you’re who?” She looked at me up and down and said “You will be in my store Saturday Morning”. I am like, right. She goes and sits down in the showroom, I go in back to the operations director and ask Who is She, “Who is this woman telling me what to do. I make my own schedule, I know what I am doing, and I have my own plans”. I was in her store on Saturday morning at 9:00. We have been best friends ever since”.

Monte’ later explained how when filming each episode that the recording is over thirty-six hours of film for a fifty minute episode. “It’s crazy. I look back at that first show. And it is so funny. We were not allowed to look at the camera, it is right there… it is that close. We are not actors it is very hard to do; instamatic was the closest thing to my face growing up.  I was like, ok… looking back at some of that film (robotic sounding) “Do You Like That Dress…Would You Like To Try On Another One? The Fitting Room Is Over There” (delayed pointing). And now it is more comfortable, Well honey there ain’t no sense beating a dead horse, you don’t like the damn thing, take it off and we will get you another dress”.

Monte’ discussed wedding trends for 2015 in regards to gowns. “Gowns have shifted, the dresses have more of an evening feel; a little more of a red carpet look, a sweetheart neckline, number one neckline on the runway and in stores. Natural waist is coming back in, a very fitted natural waist, and soft skirts. A-line we are seeing, lesser trains, lesser embellishment, a little more beading. We are always going to have princesses; we are always going to have the beading girls, lots of “bling” from head to toe. So we are going to see that. Those are the trends, it is not what I believe in, it is just what we are seeing. A lot of our information comes out of Europe. We get it off the Milan runway and try to integrate it into the wedding world”.

For the men, he has noticed that grey and tan or beige have been extremely popular on the runways for 2015. The tuxedos have been more tailored like a suit still with a tuxedo like flair.

He went over what the wedding gown is for. “The first thing this dress is going to do for you is get you married. It is not going to be comfortable, you may not be able to dance in it, or move in it. You may not be able to breathe in it. That is not what it is meant for, it is meant for you to get married in it and make you stand up straight and look good”.

Floral wedding trends for 2015 were seen in the fashion show as well. Flowers were looser, there were floral balls for the bride to carry and more natural colors are being seen.

I will give more words of wisdom from Monte’ in the next blog. If you would like the entire transcript, please feel free to contact us and we will send it to you.

Written by Smokey Mountain Sounds- Ellen Crivellone

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