Happy Engagement in the Smoky Mountains

According to statistics collected by Chilisauce News, thirty-two percent of couples get engaged, or are planning on proposing on Christmas Eve. Even though the statistics are from the United Kingdom, the survey from last year in the United States was very similar to the United Kingdom.  Since the article was posted in November by Chilisauce, I felt these numbers were more recent and accurate. So far there aren’t any statistics in the United States for 2014.

If you haven’t proposed yet; Chilisauce News also surveyed how a person would like to be proposed to. Surprisingly most of those surveyed, fifty-one percent would prefer a simple proposal as opposed to an extravagant one.

For those of you who have recently proposed, I want to Congratulate you on your Engagement.

For a Happy Engagement:

I have a few recommendations.

  • Don’t post on Social Media until you have announced the engagement to close family and friends. You don’t need to tell distant friends via Twitter before telling your grandmother. It may cause hurt feelings.
  • Enjoy each other. Don’t worry about planning the wedding immediately. Take time to be with your soul-mate and appreciate his preparation and love for you. Give yourself at least a few weeks before planning the wedding.
  • Before planning the wedding with your mother or best friend plan together. Sit down and find out what you both would like to have on your wedding day, from the ceremony, the reception, and even the honeymoon. Brainstorm. You will be together for the rest of your lives, why not have the wedding of both of your dreams.

Average EngagementStart out with plans in general then once you have the ideas you can pinpoint what is realistic together. The average engagement survey is from 2013 in the United States.

Figure out your wedding budget. When figuring out your budget, make sure you figure out how long you want your engagement to be. The longer the engagement, the more you have for your celebration.

  • What time of year would you like to have your wedding? Do you envision a spring wedding or a snow white winter wedding? Is the venue of your choice available in the season you desire?
  • Will you want a wedding planner? If you are considering one; Make sure you talk with one before you book anything. Sometimes a wedding planner can get discounts at venues and with vendors. They really can help you save money and stay on budget. A wedding planner can also take your vision and make it come true with almost any budget.
  • Do you want an indoor venue? A classic Chapel? An outdoor venue? The Smoky Mountains have all of the choices you can envision. Book your wedding venue as soon as possible (after the wedding planner if you choose to have one). We had a wedding just last night. The family all cam down from Chicago and stated “We were able to create the same wedding we would have wanted for so much less in such an amazing area”.
  • Remember when planning; stay organized. A wedding planning notebook or even a simple calendar and journal is very useful. These tools can help you remember your thoughts from conversations with vendors, even thoughts on tastes of food from meeting with caterers and bakers.
  • Once you have your date, make sure to book your quality vendors as soon as possible. The Photographer, Officiant, Band or DJ usually only book one event per day so it is imperative that you book them quickly to ensure the quality vendors you want are there for you.

Following these tips as well as planning together, you should have a Happy Engagement.

Written by Smokey Mountain Sounds- Ellen Crivellone


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