Stowers Machinery Christmas Party

My daughter and I had the honor of being the entertainment for the Stowers Machinery Christmas Party. There were approximately five hundred guests at the Park Vista hotel in Gatlinburg. From the impression I got, Stowers Machinery is a great company to work for. There was a presentation on the company’s history, how they are all family, and service awards. In listening to the two hour presentation, I was very impressed with the company.

I am in awe that a large company would keep family values and truly have employees who love their job and are willing to stick with it that long. Stowers Machinery even had an employee they had worked with for forty five years. He is retiring at the end of the year. This man is truly loved by everyone he works with. It was very inspiring to hear the stories told by so many.

HP Video had a great set up for the video screen so everyone could see the program. They were very professional to work with. The videos as well as live feed went off without a hitch. The Park Vista hotel set up two buffet lines with beautiful looking foods and deserts. After the Presentations, Stowers Machinery had planned for bingo to go on in the back half of the room, while we entertained for dancing. The staff of the hotel separated the room so quickly and quietly that no one realized it until it was already done. The Park Vista’s staff is always pleasant to work with when we are there.

We had a great time with the Stowers Machinery family. We loved that the dance floor was still full for the last dance. We went over a few minutes for them. We felt so blessed that we were asked to stay another hour, even though with the timing at the hotel it wasn’t possible. It was just great to have been asked.

Congratulations on being such a great company that your employees love working for you. Thank you Stowers Machinery.

Written by Smokey Mountain Sounds- Ellen Crivellone

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