Holiday Thoughts

I love the holidays… Starting with the first holiday; Halloween a time when a person can dress up and just have fun. I remember as a child that my mom would let us help make popcorn balls to hand out to trick-or-treaters. It was a simple time. A person didn’t have to worry about homemade goodies in the Halloween buckets or bags. Children were safe to go out on their own; every neighbor watching out for each other. Today, crazy people have changed that. Razors inside candies and who knows what else. There are still some areas people still feel safe going with their children trick-or-treating. Even with those changes it is still fun to dress up and see the children in their little costumes. This year there were a lot of little girls dressed up as Elsa and Anna from Frozen and we had snow, coincidence?

Thanksgiving is another great time. Family comes together for a huge meal, sometimes two meals depending on how the family does things. As a child we used to go to one grandma’s house the day of Thanksgiving and the other grandma’s close to it. Going to the grandma in Eagle Rock; the two hour drive was made fun by playing the “alphabet game”, calling out letters from license plates and signs we pass on the way. Grandma wasn’t the best cook, but her heart was all in. I remember one year when my mom went in and changed the temperature on the turkey. It was the best turkey grandpa had; he said so himself. Going to the gram’s in San Diego, all the aunts, uncles, and cousins would get together and have so much fun, I remember always helping to clean up, no matter which grandma’s I was at. I felt that they needed a break after “slaving away” for the large families.

This year for the Thanksgiving holiday, because of crazy schedules, we held a huge breakfast at my place because my brother had to work. My son and daughter-in-law made dinner for the day after since he also worked on Thursday. It was weird for me not to cook the meal since I had been for the last twenty years. They did a great job, however, I was very proud.

My favorite part of the holidays is Christmas. I usually watch Christmas movies starting after Thanksgiving. I also love to bake, usually the week before. Years ago I used to bake and make candies before Thanksgiving, everyone especially loved my peanut brittle. A couple of years I sold my baked goods to help make ends meet for the holidays. It was one of my favorite things to do. Times were simple back then. My kids were younger and even though I worked two jobs, I still had time for my tradition. Christmas Eve was always spent at my gram’s house. We would have dinner, then go out to see Christmas lights, then come back and magically a decorated Christmas tree with presents underneath was where we were playing games and having dinner a few hours before. Christmas day was with the immediate family

This year I have the pleasure of following my gram’s tradition and I get to host Christmas Eve for my grandson’s first Christmas. I am looking forward to him enjoying the boxes and wrapping paper that I am sure will be more fun than the actual presents. I am not sure that I will follow the tree tradition that gram did. Even though I haven’t put it up yet, I do like having it up before Christmas. I look forward to the baking and family coming over again. Since Winterfest is going on; I hope to see the lights whether Shadrack’s or Dollywood, or just around town.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season. An may God bless each and every one.

Smokey Mountain Sounds- Ellen Crivellone


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