Personalized Vows for Your Smoky Mountain Wedding

We have noticed more and more often that couples have been writing their own vows for their wedding. If you are wanting to write your own vows, we highly recommend talking with your officiant to find out how to get started. He/She will have examples of vows that they have heard and have presented.

When sitting down after hearing your officiant’s ideas; Think about your personality. Do you want to write your vows together, or separately? Do you want to surprise your fiance on the wedding day? Or what about writing short simple ones followed by the traditional vows? Your wedding day is all about you.

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If you are ready to write your vows, think about the fact that the vows are a commitment to each other and an agreement with each other. Start out by declaring your love for each other, make promises to each other and add your personal touch. Maybe something like; “Ron, my heart is filled with love for you” (the declaration of love) “I promise that I will respect you, and I will be there for you in all times, both good and bad” (a promise) “You came into my life when I was in the midst of chaos. I thank God for giving you to me to help me find clarity” (your personal touch).

Is there something you want to emphasize? Family, Fidelity, Individuality, Where you first met, Where you first kissed. These are all things you may want to use in your vows as well. Remember your wedding is for you and about you. Your story is important for you and your guests. If you don’t want to incorporate it in the ceremony, you can always have your story as part of your introductions or somewhere else in your reception.

There are many ideas both online and in books that can help you on your way as well.

Written by Ellen Crivellone of Smokey Mountain Sounds

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