Groom’s Cake

The groom’s cake originates from the Victorian Era in Britain. Originally the groom’s cake was a simple heavy and dense fruit cake. The thought was that the “stronger sex” with the stronger stomach would have the cake. The groom would cut the cake and serve it with wine to his groomsmen before the wedding.

The popularity of the groom’s cake grew in the southeastern United States in the 1890’s. It started out similar to the cake in the Victorian Era. Simple or plain in design,the groom’s cake was put on its own table and either served during the wedding ceremony or during the reception. Early on in the south, one tradition was to cut a piece of the cake and put it in a small box, then present the cake to a single woman after the wedding. According to superstition, she would put the cake under her pillow and it would help her find a husband.

By mid 20th century, a new custom started that didn’t last long. The wedding cake would form the base and the groom’s cake would be set on top. The bride and groom would cut the cakes and then give pieces to each other to eat. Then the cakes were served to the guests.

Today the cake is traditionally richer than the wedding cake with different flavors such as chocolate, fruit and especially alcohol. The cake has been next to the wedding cake more often than not and has been decorated to show the groom’s personality.

One of the most impresive groom’s cakes I have seen was last weekend at Zach and Victoria’s wedding. The cake was done by one of the Smoky Mountain Wedding Association’s members; Sweet Creations. I heard that Ellie worked on the cake for several hours to make it perfect.

Zach is a member of the Marine Corp and we truly appreciate all that he and our service men and women do for our country and our freedom.

Smokey Mountain Sounds was honored to have been the entertainment for your wedding. Congratulations Zach and Victoria!



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