Kolby and Carson’s Hilton Garden Inn Wedding in Gatlinburg

Consider a Hilton Garden Inn Wedding for your intimate reception.

We had the honor of being the entertainment of choice for Kolby and Carson’s Hilton Garden Inn wedding in Gatlinburg. The bridal party was so much fun and we had fun with the colors chosen to decorate the room with up-lighting.

We have also noticed that one of the trends for this year has been cupcakes and a mini-cake for the bride and groom to cut for the formalities. Kolby and Carson used Gigi’s Cupcakes and they looked great; everyone liked the ease of being able to pick out a cupcake in the size they wanted from traditional to mini. The flowers are still a great trend to be put on wedding cakes and in this case teared shelving with the mini-cake on top. I loved how the bride chose the up-lighting to go along with the flowers.

The bride is also very talented… unfortunately my pictures do not show it too well, but she is great with a led light hula-hoop that she brought to demonstrate for her guests. She was so graceful and talented, it was even more beautiful when her bridesmaids joined in for the hula-hoop dancing.

The in-house caterer for this Hilton Garden Inn wedding, did a fabulous job with their set-up. The bride had a simple, yet extremely tasty menu of appetizers and a simple dinner items that are popular for all ages.

For an intimate and beautiful Gatlinburg wedding, we recommend working with the Hilton Garden Inn, their staff was extremely easy to work with, and helped out the guests with whatever was needed.

Everyone was so happy and just had a blast. We were so blessed and we wish Kolby and Carson many years of love and happiness together.

Smokey Mountain Sounds looks forward to helping you with your Gatlinburg wedding entertainment.

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