Recently there was a blog post on the Huffington Post talking about wedding films.  The blogger who wrote the post talks about her regret about not having a wedding film  and all the reasons why EVERY bride needs to make room in their budget to have a wedding film done.  Every reason is valid and right on point.  I can’t tell you the number of mothers of the bride I talk to at weddings and wedding shows who all say “I so wish we had a video of our wedding day.”  or other things along those lines.  I even hear married friends of brides tell them it is the biggest regret from their wedding day, no wedding film.

I shared this post on a Facebook page for Knoxville Brides.  I also added that I believe that EVERY bride should have a wedding film and that because of that belief that I would work with most any budget and find a way to make a wedding film possible for every bride.  And I have.  I’ve done major discounts, worked out payment plans, even had brides make their final payment after the wedding day.  I used to drive my wife crazy by doing this, she used to give me such a hard time, but when she read the post by the brides that I help, she knew what I was doing was more valuable then a dollar.

With all that said, there is only so far I can go as a business owner and the single farther of two beautiful daughters.  I said I work with most any budget and I try my best to do that, however when you ask if I can do a wedding film for $250-$300, that is huge problem.  $300 is not enough to pay for our time alone much less the editing that goes with a wedding film not to mention the rights to the music you want in your wedding film.  $500 is too low.  The average cost for a wedding film in Knoxville is between $1500 -$1700 and that’s for a very basic film.

The response we all get is “But your only there for a couple of hours, why are you so expensive?”  The straight forward answer is, 90% of our work is done after the wedding.  Your wedding day is just the start of our work.  We know it’s the end of months of planning and work on your part and it’s the huge pay off, but for wedding filmmakers and photographers alike, it’s only the start.  Most of our work is done spending hours and hours in front of the computer doing our little Magic to make your film or photos amazing.

This doesn’t include the cost of advertising, insurance, rent, equipment, travel, among other things we have pay for just to be able to be at your wedding day.  I’ll go into all the cost we have in a later post, but we have expenses like any other business out there.

For most of us, this is a labor of love.  I truly love what I do.

So when you come to us, or me and ask if we can do a wedding film for you for $300, please don’t be upset if we tell you “No.”

Written by Don Samples of Midnight Magic Studios.

Smokey Mountain Sounds looks forward to being your entertainment.