Wedding Flowers

What Type of Wedding Flowers Would Go With Your Wedding Theme?

  • A Country/Casual Style would contain natural elements such as cotton, colorful flowers with grasses and twigs used to bring the natural outdoor elements. The flowers could be sunflowers, iris, daisies, berries, etc. The containers that the flower arrangements could be in: mason jars, aluminum buckets, willow or wicker baskets, etc. This style can be used for outdoor venues, barns, or your own backyard.
  • A Traditional Style would be more elegant that the Country/Casual Style; mostly white flowers. Traditional flowers would be roses, hydrangea and lilies. Great for inside churches and chapels, or outside in a formal garden. Pastel to mid tone colored flowers can  also be added to the arrangement.
  • The Modern Style would be in a wide range of colorful flowers, but would be used in a minimalistic matter similar to the Japanese Ikebana, for example an orchid is placed within a tall modern shaped clear container. Clustered flowers are also used to create a modern look.
  • Finally the Elegant Style with the use of silver, and glass. Clean lines, a simple color scheme and sometimes dramatic lighting. The Elegant affair can include votive, beautiful containers and things that sparkle. Nearly any flower type can be done elegantly.


Wedding Flower Decorating

Some ideas when decorating the ceremony or reception areas would be to remember that you do not have to have the same type of arrangements everywhere. Having arrangements in different eye levels can also help to make an area look more decorated than it really is… Also a note to remember- for a Valentine’s wedding the flowers are usually double the normal cost because of “supply and demand”. It is also more expensive for Mother’s Day weddings, although not as drastic an expense as Valentine’s Day.

Wedding Flower Budget

The budget for the flowers should be from 8-12% of your wedding budget.  In trying to stay in budget, the seasonal flowers will help your costs stay down. When a flower is in season, they are not usually as expensive when they are out of season.

  • Spring flowers would include: tulips, peonies, forsythia, lilies, lily of the valley (which is poisonous so do not have it put on the cake for decoration), hyacinths, and some more.
  • Summer flowers would have the largest array of flowers including: irises, delphiniums, gladioli, columbine, roses, chrysanthemums, and more.
  • Fall flowers would include: ranunculus, dahlias, calla lilies, gerberas, hypericum berries, and a few more.
  • Winter flowers would include: cymbidium orchids, amaryllis, ranunculus, gerberas, and a few more.

www.sierraflowerfinder.com can help you find seasonal flowers.

To help stay on budget, use “high dollar” flowers sparingly, such as dendrodian, orchids, etc. With most flowers, the season will have all the colors you want. Lilies are the only flower that the white lilies are in season longer than the colored ones.

Another budget friendly idea is to “recycle flowers”. You can use the flowers from your ceremony for your reception as well; for example: have the wedding bouquets placed in a vase as a centerpiece for the reception. If you want to use vases, see if you can borrow them from friends or rent them rather than buying them if you don’t want to keep them.  Also after the wedding you can donate them to Random Acts of Flowers www.randomactsofflowers.org, a non profit organization that re-organize the flowers to give to sick and elderly as gifts at hospitals and nursing homes. They will take care of your flowers for free including pick up.

What to expect at your floral consultation

Again, to stay on budget, be upfront and honest with the designer about your budget. Some florists likes to look up the bride on pinterest before the appointment to see what the bride likes.  The consultation can take an hour to an hour and a half. Make sure you only bring one to two people to the consultation so the designer can focus on what the bride wants. Bring pictures of things you like… the designer will also have pictures available of what they have done.

Some questions you may want to ask: What flowers do they recommend considering the season for the wedding? Will they give you options of designs to stay within your budget? How much experience do they have? Have they been to the venue before (if not would they do an on-site visit free of charge)? Is there a delivery fee? What do you require to book our date with you? When is the balance due? Does the contract have provisions for any changes before the wedding? Do you have a minimum order? If you are ill, do you have a backup designer who can complete my wedding order? What is your cancellation policy?

Gatlinburg has all four seasons so make sure you plan ahead and consider Gatlinburg weather when planning your wedding.

Smokey Mountain Sounds looks forward to helping you with your event.

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