Wedding favor Ideas

Historically the wedding favor is a small gift given to a guest at a wedding as a thank you from the bride and groom. One of the first wedding favors was a small trinket box with sugar cubes or delicate confections which at the time, symbolized wealth and royalty. As the price of sugar decreased over the centuries, the tradition of providing gifts was embraced by couples that were in the lower classes as well. Eventually the sugar cubes and delicate confections were replaced with almonds which signify well wishes on the couple. In the thirteenth century, confetti was introduced (almonds coated with sugar), today they are candy coated almonds called Jordan almonds. Traditionally five almonds are in a favor box or in a satchel which represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. The bitter almond and the sweet candy are a metaphor for the bitter sweetness of a marriage.

Wedding favors are now quite diverse and usually complement the bride’s theme, or event the time of year. Some ideas for the wedding favors are CD’s with the music selected for the ceremony as a keepsake, homemade jam or apple butter or some other tasty treat with the couple’s initials on the jar along with them being decorated to match the theme of the wedding, a shot glass with surprise treats inside with the couple’s initials on the outside as a keepsake for the guests, a silver frame with a picture of the couple, and so many more ideas.

Most of the wedding favors we have seen have been personalized by the couples so that their guests will remember the wedding for a long time to come. One thing to think of when coming up with the right favor for your wedding is the if you are inviting children to the wedding, make sure you have something for them to keep them entertained during down time.

Coloring books have been extremely popular as well as goody bags with all types of things for children to do. One outdoor wedding we went to the couple had bug catching kits for the kids. A candy station with keepsake bags are popular for all ages.

Whatever you choose to give your guests as a keepsake I am sure your guests will be pleased.

Smokey Mountain Sounds looks forward to hear how we can assist you.

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