Guestbook Ideas

Whether you are having a Gatlinburg wedding or not, here are some unique ideas for your guestbook

Historically a guestbook was similar to a hotel ledger recording when guests came to a wedding. Today, I have seen the traditional book for just the signature of the guest as well as some fun new twists for the bride and groom to see who helped them celebrate their wedding day.

Smokey-Mountain-Sounds-wedding-DJ-gatlinburg-wedding- 0250 (4)The framed photo with a photo mat board for guests is very popular. The guests would usually give good wishes and then sign the mat with permanent marker. Most brides choose to use the traditional black marker, however, because of the choices of colors in permanent markers; I have seen some brides use their wedding colors for the markers. The bride and groom would then take this photo keepsake home and hang it up on a wall in their home for them to look upon the good wishes over the years.

At some of the rustic weddings we have been the entertainment of choice for, Smokey Mountain Sounds, wedding DJ, gatlinburg wedding (1403 of 2317)we have seen quilt pieces for the guests. The quilt pieces were in the bride’s wedding colors. Each guest would put their best wishes and signature on their own square of fabric with a fabric marker. After the wedding someone in the bride’s family, or even the bride herself would make the squares into a quilt for the bride and groom to have on their bed or hang on the wall for remembrance of their wedding day.

Another favorite is the family tree, shown as the featured image. I saw this one for the first time recently. With this guestbook, the guests had a choice of colors to put their finger or thumb into, then press it onto one of the branches of the tree. After their fingerprint was imprinted onto the canvass, they would print their name near the colorful print. Someone in the bride’s family would then take the canvass and have it framed, and the bride and groom would hang it somewhere in their new home.


What about a wishing tree or pebbles to be made into stepping stones, have your guests highlight their favorite bible passage, or a quilt with blank squares for guests to write their messages? Honestly there are so many wonderful ideas out there. Only you know which idea is right for you.

Smokey Mountain Sounds looks forward to helping you with your wedding.


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