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Wedding Flowers

by smokymtnsounds

What Type of Wedding Flowers Would Go With Your Wedding Theme? A Country/Casual Style would contain natural elements such as cotton, colorful flowers with grasses and twigs used to bring the natural outdoor elements. The flowers could be sunflowers, iris, daisies, berries, etc. The containers that the flower arrangements could be in: mason jars, aluminum […]

Wedding favor Ideas

by smokymtnsounds

Historically the wedding favor is a small gift given to a guest at a wedding as a thank you from the bride and groom. One of the first wedding favors was a small trinket box with sugar cubes or delicate confections which at the time, symbolized wealth and royalty. As the price of sugar decreased […]

Guestbook Ideas

by smokymtnsounds

Whether you are having a Gatlinburg wedding or not, here are some unique ideas for your guestbook Historically a guestbook was similar to a hotel ledger recording when guests came to a wedding. Today, I have seen the traditional book for just the signature of the guest as well as some fun new twists for […]