Bridesmaid Boxes for a Smoky Mountain wedding

The Bridesmaid Box Trend

You’ve just said “yes,” and now it’s time to start planning your dream wedding. Lucky for you, that means planning a Smoky Mountain wedding! Your first thought may be the wedding venue, reception, or your dress, but the very first thing you should consider are your bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids and maid-of-honor will be there with you for the rest of the wedding planning, so making this decision now is smart and efficient. They’re going to be investing their own time and money for your wedding, so it’s a good idea to spoil them with a bridesmaid box.  

Now it’s time to make a proposal of your own. Choosing your bridesmaids and maid-of-honor is one of the most important decisions you’ll make while planning your wedding. Once you’ve made your list, you can start planning the contents of your bridesmaid boxes. Since you’re planning a Smoky Mountain wedding, theme your boxes with local goodies for an extra special touch. Here are some thoughtful ideas for your Smoky Mountain-themed bridesmaid boxes.  

Your “I Do Crew”

Before we look inside the perfect Smoky Mountain bridesmaid box, let’s think about your girls:  

  • Think about your bridesmaids and each of their likes and interests. The idea here is to be thoughtful and intentional while celebrating your team. Consider allergies, habits, and items they may need for your wedding day. Including necessities in your box will save them from spending their own money on these items.
  • Do your bridesmaids live far away? If you’re going to ship your gifts, choosing heavy, breakable, or fresh food items is not a good idea. However, if you’re hand-delivering your gifts, your options are wide open.
  • If you were a bridesmaid, what would you want? Put yourselves in their shoes. Don’t gift items just to be giving something. Instead, make it thoughtful by including items that are personalized, usable, or meaningful.

Proposing to your Bridesmaids

Choosing your bridesmaids is an important decision, and it's one of the most important ones in wedding planning.

Now it’s time for the fun part! First, it might be beneficial to informally propose to your bridesmaids in advance, that way someone can respectfully decline without any awkward circumstances. Once you’re sure of your bridesmaid team, it’s time to plan your proposals. Here are some ideas for super special bridesmaid proposals:

Shipping the Bridesmaid Boxes  

Even though some of your closest loved ones might live far away, you can still treat them to a bridesmaid box. If you’ll be shipping the box, be selective about what you put inside. Let your girls know that they’ll be receiving a delivery. Once everyone has received their boxes, meet virtually so that everyone can open them together. You may be miles apart, but you can still celebrate together!  

Girls’ Night In  

If your gal pals live near you, plan a girls’ night at your place. Serve a beautiful charcuterie board, desserts, and a signature beverage. This will be a great time to review some bridal magazines and search Pinterest for your favorite trends. Invite your bridesmaids to collaborate on your wedding Pinterest board.

Give your girls the Smoky Mountain Wedding Association’s website so they can help research our fabulous collection of wedding vendors in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville. This will give you a head start on planning the perfect Smoky Mountain wedding!  

Weekend Brunch  

Who doesn’t love a good brunch with the girls? To kick start the planning, order mimosas and treat your bridesmaids to a special brunch. Your bridesmaids will be inspired to help plan your Smoky Mountain wedding as they open their box of local gifts. This is a moment to lift up your girls and let them know how much you appreciate them.

Girlfriend’s Getaway in the Smokies  

You’re planning a destination wedding to the Smoky Mountains? Bring your bridesmaids to Gatlinburg for a girlfriend’s getaway! You’ll make epic memories while planning your dream wedding! Find a cozy cabin with a mountain view, bring in some Buddy’s BBQ Catering, and spend a day relaxing with your tribe. Or, stay downtown closer to the action for lots of shopping, dining, and seeing the sights.

Begin your weekend with dinner and drinks at Ober Mountain. After your meal, walk the Gatlinburg Parkway to Ole Red for a fun night of music and dancing. This trip can double as your bachelorette party.

While you’re in the area, visit Smoky Mountain wedding venues and meet with area wedding professionals like caterers, officiants, and entertainment providers like us. Accomplishing this with your bridesmaids will be much easier.

While you’re here, have some fun! Schedule services at an area spa, shop at the boutiques in downtown Sevierville, and unwind with a hike in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Designate a driver and then tour the Rocky Top Wine Trail. You’ll taste an array of local wines for free! Learn more about the Rocky Top Wine Trail here.  

During the Wedding  

If getting your girls together in some form or fashion isn’t doable before the wedding, gather everyone as they arrive for your Smoky Mountain wedding. At this point, these boxes are more like “thank you” gifts. Bridesmaids gifts are a tradition, while bridesmaid box proposals are a new trend. Either is acceptable; it depends on what works best for you. If you’ll be presenting the bridesmaid boxes during your wedding, you’ll have extra time to gather local Smoky Mountain goodies to include.  

What’s Inside the Smoky Mountain-Themed Bridesmaid Box?

Propose to your bridesmaids with a bridesmaid box.

The most thoughtful way to propose to your bridesmaids for a Smoky Mountain wedding is with Smoky Mountain-themed gifts! Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg are rich in local and giftable items. Your bridesmaids will appreciate the extra dose of thoughtfulness. Here’s are some of our favorite local gifts:  

Local Wines, Moonshine, and Ciders

The wineries along the Rocky Top Wine Trail feature wines made with Tennessee grapes. For a great local flavor, try a muscadine wine. Mountain Valley Winery is one of the oldest wineries in Tennessee. Shop their wines here. The Smoky Mountains have been known for their moonshiners. Today, there are dozens of distilleries in the area. A jar of moonshine cherries is a fun and exciting gift! The Apple Barn Cider House offers hard ciders crafted on-site. You can taste them by visiting in person, or you can shop online.

Local Snacks  

Speaking of The Apple Barn, they have a fantastic collection of jellies, jams, and other foods. Everyone loves the tradition of The Apple Barn in Pigeon Forge. Shop their products here. Gatlinburg has great candy shops including Aunt Mahalia’s Homemade Candies. Who wouldn’t love a box of handcrafted chocolates?

Gift Cards  

If your bridesmaids are going to be traveling here for your wedding, they’ll have plenty of expenses. Here’s a chance to give them a gift they can use for the trip. Gas gift cards are thoughtful, as well as a gift card for their favorite fast food restaurant. This can make the trip a little less expensive. Do your bridesmaids have a favorite restaurant in Pigeon Forge, like Bennett’s BBQ or Mama’s Farmhouse? Include a gift card for it in their box.

Bath Products

Misty Mountain Soap Company is a local bath and body product company specializing in a natural approach to skin care. Shop their amazing line of bath bombs, salts, scrubs, soaps, and more here.

Locally Made Jewelry  

The Smoky Mountains are rich in crafters including jewelry artisans. The Great Smoky Arts and Crafts Community is an 8-mile loop of local crafters featuring jewelry, quilts, stained glass, candles, and more! See the list of local jewelry artisans here

Other Items for your Bridesmade Boxes

One of the most important items you can include is a hand written card that is personalized for each bridesmaid. Tell them, on paper, what your friendship means and why you selected them to be a part of your special day. Your note is something that will strengthen your relationship, and they’ll cherish it forever.

What are some items your bridesmaids can use on your wedding day? Matching robes and personalized wine tumblers make for great additions to your photos as you and your girls are getting ready. Comfy but cute lounge sets and slippers are nice too.

Necessities like specific shades of makeup or pieces of jewelry for your wedding will be very much appreciated. Not only will you be saving your bridesmaids money, but you’ll take one thing off their list as they prepare for your wedding. If you plan to have your bridesmaids match makeup, jewelry, and hair pieces, include them in your box.

Putting your Bridesmaid Boxes Together  

Now that you’ve gathered the perfect contents for your boxes, it’s time to assemble each gift. Here is where you can “think outside of the box”; no pun intended. You could package your gifts in a personalized tote bag or a beautiful basket. These items can be used and appreciated by your bridesmaids after your wedding.

For the perfect presentation, arranging your gifts with shredded paper or another filler, and then add faux florals for a beautiful touch. Twine, raffia, or lace are nice additions to your presentation. As your bridesmaids receive their boxes, they will be impressed with each of your thoughtful touches.  

Smokey Mountain Sounds + Your Smoky Mountain Wedding  

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We’re so glad you’re here and it would be our pleasure to be a part of your Smoky Mountain wedding. We can provide entertainment services, officiant services, and more. View our packages here.

Smokey Mountain Sounds is a proud member of the Smoky Mountain Wedding Association and the communities of Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gatlinburg. For more wedding advice, view our blog here. Contact us to discuss your Smoky Mountain wedding. We love sharing about weddings in Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountain area; give us a call at 1-865-712-1854 for local wedding advice.

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