You just got engaged, and you are looking at different ideas. You have your bride magazines in a folder crammed full of ideas, as well as helpful advice from everyone you know.

Why is a wedding planning checklist necessary?

A wedding planning checklist is crucial because it lists and organizes all of the things you might need to do or buy in order to get ready for your big day. As you progress through the preparation process, cross off tasks so that all you have to do on the wedding day is enjoy it.

Here is a simplified outline that can help you be even more organized: Wedding Planning Checklist

Here are some things to keep in mind as you go through that checklist and start your journey to that big day!

Delegate responsibilities early on!

Keep in mind that anyone you ask has the option to decline. You don’t want someone to promise to do anything only to later complain about it. Keep in mind that anyone can assist you with writing invitations, wrapping favors and gifts, etc. They may also aid you by calling caterers, venues, DJs, florists, bakers, wedding planners, etc. to schedule appointments for you.

Make sure you prepare your guests early on in the process

This is especially crucial if you’re planning a destination wedding in a place like the Smokies. Ask your “helpers” to call around to inquire about group prices for lodging. Find out the minimum number of rooms that must be reserved to maintain the discounted cost. Alternately, consider a cabin that can fit everyone. Make sure you obtain quotations from at least three options so you have choices.

You will also need to have a day of your wedding planning checklist.

It is also quite crucial to have a day-of checklist. Our friends at Custom Love Gifts and Events has a great list to help you stay organized. They are a joy to work with. They cooperate effectively with all the wedding vendors, and are highly professional. To keep your stress level low, I recommend using them as your planner. We hope this Wedding Day Checklist helps you be prepared for your day.

Make sure you keep dating your fiancé!

Maintain your relationship with your fiance during the organizing period! Even if you are busy organizing the wedding, make time for your relationship. You shouldn’t neglect one another.

Written by Ellen Crivellone of Smokey Mountain Sounds and the Smoky Mountain Wedding Association– We would love to DJ for your celebration, call now for availability! 1-865-712-1854

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