You are getting married and you don’t know what Wedding Day Look you want for your celebration. Top experts recommend having two wedding day looks. One for when you walk down the aisle and the other for when you enter the reception. According to Monte Durham there are three things you can do that can make a difference.

Wedding Day Look for Ceremony

“When you go down the aisle, think about it; be classy, simple. Wear the pearl studs, they are classy and elegant. Not a lot of jewelry, you have your veil, you have flowers, maybe even flowers in your hair.”

You are the centerpiece, not everything that you are wearing. “Remember you are not a Christmas tree; we want to keep it simple.”

Necessary Items for Your Wedding Purse

Then when you come back up the aisle, there are three things you want in your wedding purse. A smoky eye pencil. Red lipstick and a pair of chandelier earrings, or even your grandma’s button earrings.”

portrait of a beautiful bride. make-up, hairstyle, jewelry.

Wedding Day Look for Reception

Before entering your reception have a different wedding day look and bustle your train. Take off your veil, put on a headpiece, put on a halo, piece of jewelry, or flower. Even put on the chandelier earrings. Now is the time to add a sash or ribbon around your waist. Then roll your bottom lip in red lipstick and blot it. Yes, red, it makes your teeth look extremely white. It photographs in black white and color and looks fantastic. It is happy.  

Monte recommends that you take the eye pencil corner your eyes, “not the whole thing honey we ain’t clubbing yet”; just on the edge and smudge it and you have a totally different look. Enter into that reception site and have a great time; simple, right? Brunettes, use a black eye pencil. For Blondes, use a brown or brown/black eye pencil. It will ease the transition and still define.”

You are going to be in a white or ivory gown. There will be a lot of white around you and when that camera hits you with the flash it will bounce out and can leave shadowing. When doing a test run for your make-up; wear a white shirt and look at yourself in natural light. Remember keep it simple for the ceremony; you can have a whole new look for the reception.

Written by Ellen Crivellone of Smokey Mountain Sounds and the Smoky Mountain Wedding Association– We would love to DJ for your celebration, call now for availability! 1-865-712-1854

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